Anne Hamilton/Hamilton Dramaturgy

Ten Ways to Advocate for Theatre Women

Recommendations by the League of Professional Theatre Women

Advocacy Committee, Deborah Savadge, Chair.

June 9, 2010.  

How can we, individually and collectively, use our personal and professional networks to advance the cause of visibility and opportunity for women in the theatre?     

  1. Talk about plays you’ve enjoyed that are by and about women. 
  2. Subscribe to a theatre company that produces work by women (such as the Women’s Project, Three Graces, and New Georges. Google to find others). 
  3. Use your theatre-going dollars to support women artists. Join the Meet-up Group Works-by-Women.  Join other women at the theatre on a group rate discount to see professional work by women writers, directors, and  designers.  (It’s free!) 
  4. Advocate for Blind Submissions of playwrights’ work.  Most major orchestras conduct blind auditions. Why not choose plays for prizes, grants, even productions, without regard to gender? Spread the word.
  5. If called upon to subscribe to a theatre ask, “How many women will be directing/designing/ writing/performing in plays for you this season?” Tell them you prefer to support theatres that are working toward gender parity. 
  6. Subscribe to New York Theatre Experience Guide to Plays by Women. (It’s free!) ( . Support its pledge to give parity to women in its coverage of theatre work.
  7. Join the DGA Women’s Initiative, New York Coalition of Professional Women in the Arts & Media, the League of Professional Theatre Women’s Advocacy Committee or 50/50 in 2020.       
  8. When you receive a brochure from a theatre company, count the women artists listed. Call the theatre to praise or critique them based on how close they are to parity.
  9. Talk about non-traditional casting (i.e., Judith Ivey as the Stage Manager in Our Town. Kathleen Chalfant as Mrs. Scrooge, Cate Blanchett as Hamlet, Fiona Shaw as Lear and Viola Davis as Gloucester). Talk, blog and use social networks to suggest plays you’d like to see in which a woman plays the lead, or in which women play the majority of the roles.
  10.  Amplify these actions by passing these tips to others.

Download the list Advocacy Committee – Ten Ways to Advocate for Theatre Women!

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