Anne Hamilton/Hamilton Dramaturgy

ScriptForward! #25 – A Specialty E-newsletter


Welcome to the September issue of ScriptForward!, a specialty E-newsletter prepared for professional and aspiring scriptwriters by Hamilton Dramaturgy. With twenty years of experience in New York, across the nation, and internationally, I offer this newsletter as a means of support and information to the worldwide scriptwriting community.

My lead articles celebrate the lessons I’ve learned in my twenty years as a dramaturg. And the guest feature by Walter Byongsok Chon reveals his process in translating a contemporary Korean play into English for a recent New York City production.

Please look over the Recent Successes section to see all the exciting events which are taking place, especially the launch of Hamilton Dramaturgy Press, which publishes plays, poetry and children’s literature.

Finally, the Burning [An]swer section features information on how an MFA candidate can prepare for a
successful career as a dramaturg.

I hope that this issue of ScriptForward! will be useful to you and I welcome your feedback.

-Anne Hamilton

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s ScriptForward! #25

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