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BCWJ Article on 50/50 in 2020

Many thanks to Susan Jonas, who sat for an interview for my last Page & Stage column for the Bucks County Women’s Journal. Susan eloquently explained the 50/50 in 2020 movement that she co-founded to help achieve gender parity in the American theatre.

Read the article here: BCWJ Article on 50 50 in 2020 Aug Sept 2012

Excerpt: This month, I am continuing my coverage of gender parity efforts in
the professional theatre. I spoke recently with my valued colleague Susan
Jonas about 50/50 in 2020, the grassroots movement she cofounded. Susan
is a scholar, dramaturg, adaptor/playwright, and producer who holds a
Doctorate in Fine Arts from the Yale School of Drama.

“Founded in August 2010 to advocate for women in theatre,” she says, “50/50
in 2020 is dedicated to achieving parity by the hundredth anniversary
of suffrage. For too long, women have been extremely under-represented on the main stages of American theatre. Fewer than 20% of plays produced in America are by written by women or directed by women. In some years, it’s far less. And our presence is inversely proportionate to the resources of the theatres.”

She explains: “That means that the theatres with the highest budgets—and those that receive the largest share of public funding from taxpayers dollars—are the least likely to produce plays by women or to hire them as directors.” This also means that women’s work is most present in the places with the least resources and remuneration…”

Anne Hamilton Interviewed in Cultural Weekly

There’s a great article on my thoughts on dramaturgy posted on Cultural Weekly’s website. Jaz Dorsey interviewed me. Read on at


I describe myself as a literary and historical advisor to the playwright, director, or theatre company I am working with.

Just like an actor or an artist, I believe that the dramaturg’s position in the field derives from her output.

Dramaturgy is a practical profession. We give advice and support to help the playwright advance her play to its next level. We provide and share research in pre-production, and write program notes. We translate and adapt.

Almost everyone in the theatre profession performs dramaturgical duties…