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BCWJ Profile of Barbara Pease Weber

Please enjoy my latest Page & Stage column article for the BUCKS COUNTY WOMEN’S JOURNAL. It is  a profile of Philadelphia-based playwright Barbara Pease Weber.

Profile of Barbara Pease Weber

By Anne Hamilton, M.F.A.

Barbara Pease Weber is a Philadelphia native with four published plays and productions all over the country. And it seems that no-one is more surprised at this than she is.

“I started out acting and it just morphed into playwriting,” she said recently. “The fact that it has gone this far is a miracle and a dream come true.”

“My writing comes in fits and spurts. I’m writing, writing, writing and can’t stop, or I’m not writing anything. In the past three years, I’ve rolled out three plays and I’m exhausted.” It’s a great problem to have.

Weber has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over thirty years and is an empty nester, with two daughters who are college graduates. Samuel French has published four of her plays – DELVAL DIVAS, HOGWASH!, SENIORS OF THE SAHARA, and A CROCK OF SCHNITZEL.

She has been involved with the Old Academy in the East Falls section of Philadelphia for many years, with many of her plays debuting there. The performing space’s claim to fame is that Grace Kelly acted there as a child. Weber’s THE WITCH IN 204, which is a sequel to SENIORS OF THE SAHARA, debuted there in September 2011, and went on to a production in New Mexico in September 2012. “SENIORS is a senior romance about Sylvie Goldberg, a retired New Jersey schoolteacher, who goes to Israel and buys some souvenirs, among which is a priceless relic – a genie in a teapot.”

How did she get her publishing deals? “Sheer luck,” she says. “Nobody told me it would be so hard to get somebody to read my work. I did it out of pure ignorance. I wrote a play and asked them, ‘Do want to read it? Do you want to produce it? Do you want to publish it?’ For my first play I got a postcard from Samuel French which said, ‘Dear Ms. Weber, Your play has had two readings and now is in the President’s office.”

Brava, Barbara. We all wish you continued success in the future.

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Please download the article here: BCWJ Page & Stage Profile of Barbara Pease Weber by Anne Hamilton

TheatreNow! Interview with Maria Alexandria Beech

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Interview with Maria Alexandria Beech, Playwright, Bookwriter and Lyricist
(Season 3, Episode 4, Recorded July 10, 2012)

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow! Interview with Maria Alexandria Beech

Maria Alexandria Beech is a playwright and librettist living in New York. She has written over fifteen full-length plays, several as a member of the Dorothy Strelsin New American Writers Group at Primary Stages Theatre, which co-produced her play LITTLE MONSTERS at Brandeis Theatre Company. Her full-length musical titled CLASS, with Karl Michael Johnson, was presented in a reading in May, 2012 at NYU.

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