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Salman Rushdie’s Film Adaptation of MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN
January 8, 2013, 1:53 pm
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I’ve discovered a terrific website offering financial, and career advising resources for artists working in the U.K. It’s called Ideas Tap and is available at

There is a terrific article on Salman’s Rushdie’s process during writing a screenplay adaptation of MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN. Please read the article at

Excerpt from the article by Tom Seymour:

Q: What were the challenges of adapting your own novel?

A: I had to start again with the story, from fresh. And we started with images. Director Deepa Mehta and I wrote down key images that occur through the story and promised ourselves we would weave those images into the screenplay.

Q: Midnight’s Children is a multilayered epic. How did you decide which stories to prioritise and which to jettison?

A: We had to work out whose story we were telling. Obviously we couldn’t tell everyone’s story, because there’s a cast of thousands in the novel. I wrote the novel, so I had the freedom to do anything I want with it, and I wrote it long ago, so the distance I had from it allowed me to do that.

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