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LIKE POETRY in the NYC Fringe Festival

LIKE POETRY by Kristian O'Hare at the FringeNYC

I would like to invite you to LIKE POETRY, written by a wonderful playwright I discovered at the Great Plains Theatre Conference. It is playing in the NYC Fringe Festival Aug. 10-14 at La MaMa.

LIKE POETRY was written by Kristian O’Hare, who now lives in San Francisco. It was given a staged reading at the GPTC in 2012. I had the privilege of dramaturging the play this summer as Kristian prepared to start rehearsals for the Fringe.

It is a lyrical, many-layered drama which allowed me to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful writing. Kristian is a master of tight construction and meaningful imagery, especially his weaving of insect descriptions, Walt Whitman’s appearances, and Stagger’s story of transformation. I have very high expectations for the success of this play. I hope that you can attend the performance. Kristian’s contact information is:

Here is a short description: A new play in three acts, Like Poetry traces the metamorphosis of main character Stagger as he confronts issues of physical and emotional intimacy surrounding his homosexuality. By employing extensive knowledge of entomology, the poetry of Walt Whitman and unique therapies of a non-traditional doctor, Stagger gains the skills needed to confront the past and embrace his future.

Like Poetry
Ivy Theatre Company
Writer: Kristian O’Hare
Director: Audrey Alford
300mg Lavender for exhaustion. 500mg Kava Kava for anxiety. Stagger haphazardly follows Walt Whitman into an uncertain sexual underworld while memories of his best friend, Card, cling to him like a lyme-carrying tick. Pills, bugs, and sexuality collide like poetry.   IvyTheatre
VENUE #12: The Ellen Stewart Theatre – La MaMa      
SAT 10 @ 7:00  SUN 11 @ 1:30  MON 12 @ 4:45  TUE 13 @ 4:45  WED 14 @ 7:00


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