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TheatreNow! Article in AMERICAN THEATRE magazine

Many thanks to  AMERICAN THEATRE magazine (October 2012 – Theatre Communications Group) for publishing a 2-page article on TheatreNow! Margot Melcon wrote an informative and thorough piece on TheatreNow!’s origins, and place in the contemporary gender parity movement.

Download the article here: AMERICAN THEATRE article on TheatreNow! by Margot Melcon (October 2012)

“There’s been a lot of discussion over the past few years about women’s voices being underrepresented in the theatre—there aren’t enough female playwrights being produced, not enough women in executive positions in regional theatres, not enough female directors or roles for female actors. And not enough women speak out as informed, educated, experienced and qualified representatives in the field. Though there has been a flood of discussion about gender disparity, talking doesn’t always lead to action.

But Anne Hamilton isn’t just talking. In response to the acknowledged under-representation that leads to so much frustration, the New York City–based freelance dramaturg, script consultant and playwright has offered up a solution…”


Laura Maria Censabella’s Tribute to Romulus Linney

Laura Maria Censabella, an upcoming guest on TheatreNow!, was kind enough to give me a copy of  her letter to the editor of AMERICAN THEATRE magazine. Excerpts of the letter were published recently, but the full letter is much more poignant and moving.

Romulus Linney was an American playwright and novelist who passed away after a short illness this winter. He taught me everything I know about dramaturgy while I studied at Columbia University School of the Arts.

Read it here: Laura Maria Censabella’s letter to AMERICAN THEATRE magazine regarding Romulus Linney