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Anne Hamilton Interviewed in Cultural Weekly

There’s a great article on my thoughts on dramaturgy posted on Cultural Weekly’s website. Jaz Dorsey interviewed me. Read on at


I describe myself as a literary and historical advisor to the playwright, director, or theatre company I am working with.

Just like an actor or an artist, I believe that the dramaturg’s position in the field derives from her output.

Dramaturgy is a practical profession. We give advice and support to help the playwright advance her play to its next level. We provide and share research in pre-production, and write program notes. We translate and adapt.

Almost everyone in the theatre profession performs dramaturgical duties…

Anne Interviewed by L.A. Theatre Works for NPR Show

On June 24th, Anne served as a guest commentator for the upcoming L.A. Theatre Works audio presentation of Lee Blessing’s GOING TO ST. IVES. The topic was Mothers and Sons in Blessing’s play, OEDIPUS REX, THE GLASS MENAGERIE and ALL MY SONS. The segment will be aired on NPR as a companion piece to the rebroadcast of the lay.

The broadcast is set for July 24th. Check this blog for an update with the exact times and member station call numbers.

LA Theatre Works has a large catalog of audio recordings of important plays performed by leading actors.Its website is a terrific resource at

Lee Blessing’s compelling drama tells the story of the dignified mother of  a ruthless Central African dictator who travels to England seeking surgery for her failing eyes by an eminent opthalmologist. But her real motive triggers a profound moral dilemma and a bloody chain reaction of events with personal and political reverberations.

The performance features Caroline Goodall and L. Scott Caldwell.