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Anne To Read Her Poetry at the Cherry Lane

Thanks to a kind invitation from my friend Harriet Slaughter, I’ll be reading my new poetry at the historic Cherry Lane Theatre in New York City in September.

Harriet is a Retired Arts Administrator, the former Co- President of the League of Professional Theatre Women, and its 30th Anniversary Co-Chair. The poetry reading is an official selection of “30 Plays Celebrate 30 Years“. Everyone is welcome!

*Monday, September 10
Cherry Lane Theatre | 38 Commerce St., NY, NY
Curated by Harriet Slaughter
Women’s Words, poetry by Anne Hamilton, Dael Orlandersmith, Mira Spektor, Harriet Slaughter and other poets.

Anne Taught Screenwriting/Playwriting Workshop at Philadelphia Writer’s Conference

I had the pleasure of teaching a scriptwriting workshop at the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference from June 3rd through 5th.  One of the nation’s oldest writing conferences, past instructors have included the great novelist Pearl S. Buck. Close to 200 participants attended. I taught three one-hour sessions to about 25 class members on topics including: dramatic elements, the dramatic form, developing character and storyline, differences in formatting between screenplays and stage plays, the writer’s life, cultivating self-expression, and myths and truths about professional writers. I gave the students several writing exercises in free form expression and writing taglines. I discussed the opening from the screenplay WINTER’S BONE to demonstrate characterization, diction, and tone. Class members read roles in a scene from a terrific comedy written by another participant, and I taught them how to give feedback in an appropriate and constructive manner.  Finally, I read two excerpts from my own work to illustrate the use of imagery and high dramatic stakes – the opening of AND THEN I WENT INSIDE, Part II of  THE STACY PLAY – A LOVE SONG – VOLUME I, and the monologue RED RIBBON TIE, which is part of ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT.

I will be looking for other opportunities to serve as a conference workshop leader. Thank you, PWC.

Here are testimonials from four of my students:

“I had the privilege of attending one of Anne Hamilton’s playwriting workshops at the 2011 Philadelphia Writer’s Conference. As an emerging playwright I found her workshop to be superbly instructive; submission formats and targets for submitting plays were particularly helpful. Her in-class writing exercises and prompts were excellent workshop fuel and her reading from her own piece about the 9/11 attacks was galvanizing. It’s good to know there is a resource like her out there as my portfolio of plays continues to evolve.”

-Lisa S. Lutwyche has a BFA in painting, a BA in Art History, and spent 28 years in corporate and residential architecture and design, teaching creative writing at a community arts center since 1992.  After attending AROHO (A Room of Her Own, a selective, bi-annual women’s writing retreat in New Mexico) in 2009, and a workshop there with playwright Ellen McLaughlin, Lisa started writing plays.  She had her first one-act play, THE FALL, produced in the 2010 Philadelphia Fringe Festival.  A poet, novelist, essayist and playwright, she is currently working on her MFA in Creative Writing through a low residency program at Goddard College in Vermont.

“Anne Hamilton provides an outstanding workshop for aspiring playwrights and screenwriters.  She speaks from a wealth of experience as a playwright and dramaturg and is able to impart her knowledge clearly and in a manner that is helpful to those on every level of proficiency.  Her handouts, which cover key elements of dramatic writing as well as formatting, are useful, plus she excels at establishing a warm, encouraging presence that infuses the insightful critiques of work submitted by members of the workshop.  I strongly recommend her.”

Diana Pazicky, Assistant Professor of English, Temple University

“Anne Hamilton’s recent Playwriting/Screenwriting Workshop at the 2011 Philadelphia Writer’s Conference was intriguing and informative. Her experience as a Dramaturge was put to good use in passing-on solid, technical information on Playwriting, together with “tricks-of-the trade” and some of her own powerful, inspirational writing.”

Nick Lutwyche has nearly 50 years of experience in military aviation engineering and operations,with 25 of those years in Royal Navy aviation including active service. He has had long time involvement in Community Theatre in the UK and the USA, which has helped preserve his sanity. His roles in many venues include  Actor/Back Stage/Front-of-House/Scenery/Construction/Trash-hauling/Lighting. One day he will write that play…

“I had the pleasure of taking Anne Hamilton’s screenwriting workshop at the Philadelphia Writers Conference. Ms. Hamilton offered a wonderful overview of techniques, examples of works and priceless information for breaking into the business. To be honest, I was on the fence as to whether or not I wanted to pursue screenwriting. However, Ms. Hamilton was so encouraging and inspiring that I applied to MFA programs that same day! Her workshop was truly an invaluable experience and easily my favorite of the three day conference.”

Porsha Addison, Aspiring Screenwriter/MFA Student

Anne to Read a New Short Play at Hibernating Rattlesnakes June 14th, 7pm

Hibernating Rattlesnakes: An Evening of Excerpts from and Short Works for Performance at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (236 E 3rd Street between Avenue B/C in NYC) – Monday, June 14th, 7pm. $5 cover charge.

Anne will read her new short play TYRONE’S SLIDE RIDE in one of the city’s coolest new play events.

It’s midnight in DUMBO and Tyrone is minding his own business. When a chance meeting develops the potential to turn violent, will he go along for the ride, or put the pedal to the metal? Take a ride with Tyrone and Hippo (real name withheld) as they bring a whole new meaning to the term “gentrification”. Based on a true incident.

  • Hosted by MC Ephraim Lopez
  • Featuring Dacyl Acevedo, Maria Alexandria Beech, Bernardo Cubria, Ricardo Gamboa, Jason Grote, Anne Hamilton, Lanna Joffrey, Alejandro Morales, Carmen Pelaez & Saviana Stanescu
  • Presented by NoPassport Theater Alliance & Press
  • Visit here for more info
  • $5
  • HIBERNATING RATTLESNAKES: An Evening of Excerpts from and Short Works for Performance with MC Ephraim Lopez. Written and read by Dacyl Acevedo, Maria Alexandria Beech, Bernardo Cubria, Ricardo Gamboa, Jason Grote, Anne Hamilton, Lanna Joffrey, Alejandro Morales, Carmen Pelaez & Saviana Stanescu. NoPassport is an unincorporated Pan-American theatre alliance & press devoted to expressions of diversity and difference in the arts. For enquiries about NoPassport contact NoPassport: Dreaming the Americas.

Anne Hamilton Interviewed on “Healing Through the Arts” on WMNF

Last year Dewey Davis-Thompson interviewed Anne on the radio program “Art in Your Ear” on WMNF in Tampa, Florida.

Again, she spoke on the topic of healing through the arts, and her healing process while writing ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT, her chamber play with dance, puppets, video and new music. She also gave a series of practical exercises to help others turn emotion and memory into artistic expression.

Listen here: Anne Hamilton Interviewed on ART IN YOUR EAR on WMNF July, 2009

(Please be patient while the file downloads. It’s a large one.)

Listen here: Anne Hamilton Reads a Monologue from ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT

Listen here: Anne Hamilton Reads Her Poem SUMMER STORM

Many thanks to Dewey, who conducted the interview and provided the audio file. Dewey is a video and internet designer who can be reached through

Healing Through the Arts – Hear Anne Hamilton interviewed on “HEALING THE GRIEVING HEART”

On June 11, 2009, Anne was interviewed on the radio internet program “Healing the Grieving Heart” by Drs. Gloria and Heidi Horsley. Click Healing the Grieving Heart, June 11, 2009 Radio show transcript to read the interview.

She talks about losing her best friend Curtis in a head-on car accident thirty years ago, and then becoming emotionally frozen.

Writing plays has helped her to move through the grief, especially with her plays ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT and AND THEN I WENT INSIDE, which she expanded into THE STACY PLAY – A LOVE POEM.

Listen to the segment here : Anne Hamilton Interviewed on Healing Through the Arts 061109

Listen: Anne Hamilton Reads a Monologue from ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT (Please be patient while this wav file loads).

Please visit HEALING THE GRIEVING ARTS with Drs. Gloria and Heidi Horsley at and

Also visit the Compassionate Friends Website at

Healing Through the Arts – ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT

The Open to Hope Foundation published my article, “How Grief Moves Through the Body”. It is about my experience developing my play ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT, about four women who have lost the men they love. The article includes a monologue.

Listen here:  Anne Hamilton Reads a Monologue from ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT (Please be patient as this wav file loads).