Anne Hamilton/Hamilton Dramaturgy

Woolly Mammoth’s Digital Engagment Initiatives

Dramaturgs everywhere, take note of Woolly Mammoth’s worthy efforts in Washington, DC.

Article: Are Woolly Mammoth’s digital engagement efforts a glimpse at the theater of the future?

By Sarah Halzack for The Washington Post

Excerpt: “It’s about 15 minutes until show time at Woolly Mammoth Theatre, but Anna Heller Sebok hasn’t made it to her seat yet.

She’s tinkering with a sleek installation in the lobby of the Penn Quarter playhouse for its production of “Stupid F—ing Bird,” an irreverent, contemporary adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s famed drama “The Seagull.”

The display encourages patrons to remix monologues from the original 19th-century play into 140-character messages for Twitter. Users build their snippet-sized prose by mixing up the words on a large magnetic board, and then they can send out their creations over social media using flat-screen Apple computers in the exhibit or by snapping a photo on their smartphones….”

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