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I’m very excited about directing a staged reading of THE STACY PLAY – A LOVE SONG – VOLUME I for two performances in Central Park this Saturday. The cast consists of Soraya Broukhim* as Stacy and Brent Wellington Barker III as Jonathan. They are both members of The Living Theatre’s acting company, where I recently saw them perform in Judith Malina’s HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

Our rehearsal last Saturday was full of challenges. I had to rework the route for the walking tour because of loud music coming from events based near the sites I had chosen. I moved the action to three spots surrounding Bethesda Fountain: an outcropping of that great, bold gray rock for Act One, a site overlooking the Lake for Act Two, and a grove of trees overlooking both for Act Three. I  hope that the audience will feel a connection with nature and a large sense of space while listening to the story of a woman’s spectacular life which spans over a century.

Stay tuned next week for news of the reading, and some audience responses.

*This actor appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association.

Soraya Broukhim and Brent Wellington Barker III

Stage Manager Ben Rodman, Playwright/Director Anne Hamilton, Soraya Broukhim and Brent Wellington Barker III

Soraya Broukhim and Brent Wellington Barker III rehearse as Jonathan and Stacy

Soraya Broukhim, Brent Wellington Barker II, and Dramaturg Walter Byongsok Chon

Judith Malina on Erwin Piscator

The Piscator Notebook, Judith Malina’s life long work on her teacher Erwin Piscator, has been published in the US by Routledge.  Piscator created modern political theater with Bertolt Brecht. The book was launched May 10th at Tishman Auditorium, the very same place where Judith underwent her studies in 1945.  It was where Brando first studied, and where Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg and Herbert Berghof all taught in the same acting department before they went on to form The Actors Studio and their own studios, and create the industry as we know it today.

Congratulations, Judith!

You can purchase the book here.

Judith Malina Featured in WOMEN IN THEATRE Magazine

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Judith Malina, Artistic Director of The Living Theatre, in May, along with two other female artistic directors in New York City. My article on the conversation, entitled “Women on the Cutting Edge”, has just been published in WOMEN IN THEATRE Magazine. The conversation also features Kamilah Forbes, Artistic Director of The Hip-Hop Theater Festival, and Maria Striar, Producing  Artistic Director of Clubbed Thumb. It covers discusses the challenges, and rewards of producing experimental theatre.

WOMEN IN THEATRE Magazine was published in a special 30th Anniversary edition by the League of Professional Theatre Women this month. The Editor is Ruth Mayleas, the Managing Editor is Alexis Greene, and the Designer is Linda Florio of Florio Design.

You may download the article here: Women on the Cutting Edge article by Anne Hamilton – WOMEN IN THEATRE Magazine