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Dramaturgy Book Bibliography
November 21, 2011, 12:01 am
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As a public service, I am posting this dramaturgy book bibliography. It will be very useful for anyone wishing to study about the continuing practice of the art of dramaturgy. The list was originally compiled by Intern Louisa Balch. Thank you, Louisa!

Dramaturgy Book List Compiled by Hamilton Dramaturgy

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s ScriptForward! #18

Welcome to the September issue of ScriptForward!, a specialty E-newsletter prepared for professional and aspiring scriptwriters by Hamilton Dramaturgy. With eighteen years of experience in New York, across the nation, and internationally, we offer this newsletter as a means of support and information to the worldwide scriptwriting community.
Good News! My career was featured in STAGE DIRECTIONS magazine (April, 2008). I was named a trailblazer in American dramaturgy. Please access the article here or through my website at

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s ScriptForward! #18

STAGE DIRECTIONS article featuring Anne Hamilton