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Hamilton Dramaturgy’s ScriptForward #21

Welcome to the March issue of ScriptForward!, a specialty E-newsletter prepared for professional and aspiring scriptwriters by Hamilton Dramaturgy. With nineteen years of experience in New York, across the nation, and internationally, I offer this newsletter as a means of support and information to the worldwide scriptwriting community.
I’ve decided to give space to guest columnists – This issue features Maxine Kern’s thoughts about the musical structure of Playwrighting, as well as Ian Rowlands’ up to the minute guide to Welsh theatre. Many thanks to both of my colleagues.

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s ScriptForward! #21

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s ScriptForward!#21 – Ian Rowlands Article on Welsh Theatre

ScriptForward! Staff: Anne Hamilton, Editor/Writer; Linsey Bostwick, Designer