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ScriptForward! #22 – A Specialty Newsletter for Scriptwriting Professionals


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Welcome to the June issue of ScriptForward!, a specialty E-newsletter prepared for professional and aspiring scriptwriters by Hamilton Dramaturgy. With nineteen years of experience in New York, across the nation, and internationally, I offer this newsletter as a means of support and information to the worldwide scriptwriting community.

This month’s features:
Two of my plays and a poem have been selected for the juried exhibition TRANSITIONS at Pen and Brush, Inc. in NYC. ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT (play), THE STACY PLAY – A LOVE SONG – VOLUME I (play) and GONDOLIER (poem) are appearing in the virtual exhibit at through September 3rd.

Anne Hamilton Reads a Monologue from ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT

Ludovica Villar-Hauser, a director/dramaturg, writes an article about Works by Women, a new theatre-going advocacy group she created in New York City.

My audio podcast series TheatreNow!, an oral history of leading American female theatre artists, is available at Guests include: Quiara Alegria Hudes, Ruth Margraff, Kristin Marting, Catherine Filloux, Yvette Heyliger and Yvonne Heyliger, Valentina Fratti, and Claire Lautier.

My Burning An[swer] segment features advice on how a college student can train to become a dramaturg.

My “Recent Successes” section features many new collaborations!- Tina Andrews, George Marcy, Bob Goldstone, and Warren Bodow.

I hope that this issue of ScriptForward! will be useful to you and I welcome your feedback

TheatreNow! Interview – Yvette Heyliger and Yvonne Farrow (Twinbiz) – Parts I and II

TheatreNow!’s newest podcast features twin sisters whose artistry encompasses practically every talent needed to succeed in show business. Yvette Heyliger and Yvonne Farrow are founders of Twinbiz,  a company whose mission is to write, direct and produce original works for stage, television and film. The interview was recorded on May 30, 2010, a few days after Yvette received her M.F.A. in playwrighting from Queens College in New York City.

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow! – An Interview with Yvette Heyliger and Yvonne Farrow – Part I

Please also visit Part II,  by clicking below. (For a faster download, please close out Part I and be patient – it will load.)

Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow! – An Interview with Yvette Heyliger and Yvonne Farrow – Part II

Yvette Heyliger is a playwright, a director and a producing artist based in New York City.  Her book, What A Piece of Work Is Man!: Plays for Leading Women by Yvette Heyliger is due out in the Fall of 2010.

Yvonne Farrow is an actress, writer, filmmaker, model, and choralographer. She is based in Los Angeles. She wrote, produced, co-directed and starred in the award-winning short film I’d Rather Be Dancing. Please visit her website at

The twins often collaborate. Yvonne starred in Yvette’s award-winning play WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?, which completed a sold out run at the Billie Holliday Theatre in Brooklyn this Spring. It is a fearless drama which explores the impact of HIV/AIDS on the African-American community. You can reach them through

Anne interviewed Yvette and Yvonne in May.

CORRECTION: Please note that Danai Gurira is the actor and writer’s name. I pronounced it incorrectly in the segment. -Anne

Anne Hamilton, Dramaturg and Playwright.

TheatreNow! Staff: Anne Hamilton, Producer and Host; Linsey Bostwick, Editor

Anne Interviewed by L.A. Theatre Works for NPR Show

On June 24th, Anne served as a guest commentator for the upcoming L.A. Theatre Works audio presentation of Lee Blessing’s GOING TO ST. IVES. The topic was Mothers and Sons in Blessing’s play, OEDIPUS REX, THE GLASS MENAGERIE and ALL MY SONS. The segment will be aired on NPR as a companion piece to the rebroadcast of the lay.

The broadcast is set for July 24th. Check this blog for an update with the exact times and member station call numbers.

LA Theatre Works has a large catalog of audio recordings of important plays performed by leading actors.Its website is a terrific resource at

Lee Blessing’s compelling drama tells the story of the dignified mother of  a ruthless Central African dictator who travels to England seeking surgery for her failing eyes by an eminent opthalmologist. But her real motive triggers a profound moral dilemma and a bloody chain reaction of events with personal and political reverberations.

The performance features Caroline Goodall and L. Scott Caldwell.

Welcome to Hamilton Dramaturgy’s TheatreNow! – An Interview with Catherine Filloux, Parts I and II

Catherine Filloux is an award-winning playwright who has been writing about human rights and social justice for the past twenty years.  Her plays, and music theater pieces, have been produced in New York and around the world.

TheatreNow! Interview with Catherine Filloux – Part I

Please also visit Part II, below. (For a faster download, please close out Part I first.)

TheatreNow! Interview with Catherine Filloux – Part II

Anne Hamilton  interviewed her on June 3, 2010.

Catherine made the following statement at the NO PASSPORT conference in New York City. You can also download it  here:  Between You and Me by Catherine Filloux.

For more interviews/features on Catherine, see

Between You and Me

By Catherine Filloux
NoPassport Conference at Nuyorican Poets Café – February 26, 2010

All my plays have an American entry point.  Though “American” is not the appropriate word.  I love the United States of America: the idea that freedom is everyone’s birthright. In my play Silence of God, I exposed a secret capture plan by the U.S. to jail Pol Pot decades after the Khmer Rouge genocide.  The U.S. government always knew where Pol Pot was but was caught up in superpower politics that made it inconvenient to get him.  The U.S. government knows where Bosnian Serb military chief Mladic is (his house was just raided in Belgrade) but our priorities are elsewhere.  What is the U.S. doing in the world through its control of oil, the military complex, and its passion for fear as a tool of repression?   I think no discussion about genocide can exist without my acknowledgment of the Native American genocide. I grew up going to school in Toulon, France and my fellow students would say to me as they passed me in the hall:  “Vous avez tué les indiens.” And I would say to myself in shock and embarrassment: “I killed the Indians?” My new play involves a tribe that is suing the federal government for actions resulting in “destruction” to the tribe’s sacred cultural sites.  What’s more valuable: sacred, cultural sites or agribusiness profits?  All my plays are about my own complicity: that of being from the United States.  Rather than being some kind of punishment towards myself (or my country) I believe this work is the most hopeful, optimistic way I can find, as a theater artist, to fight repression and abuse. And to fight violence against women. The U.S. government didn’t sign the Kyoto Protocol; doesn’t believe in the ICC; waited three decades to sign Raphael Lemkin’s genocide convention; and our military pays private corporations to build land mines. It’s exactly because my immigrant parents and I loved the poetry at the heart of this nation that I am suffering at its gross misrepresentation around the world. The constitution is a document under siege. There’s only one thing holding us back from change in the U.S. and that’s the same two letters: Us.  There’s only one thing holding me back from change in the U.S. and that word also has two letters: me.

You can follow Catherine’s career at

— Anne Hamilton, Dramaturg and Playwright.

TheatreNow! Staff: Anne Hamilton, Producer and Host; Linsey Bostwick, Editor

Ten Ways to Advocate for Theatre Women

Recommendations by the League of Professional Theatre Women

Advocacy Committee, Deborah Savadge, Chair.

June 9, 2010.  

How can we, individually and collectively, use our personal and professional networks to advance the cause of visibility and opportunity for women in the theatre?     

  1. Talk about plays you’ve enjoyed that are by and about women. 
  2. Subscribe to a theatre company that produces work by women (such as the Women’s Project, Three Graces, and New Georges. Google to find others). 
  3. Use your theatre-going dollars to support women artists. Join the Meet-up Group Works-by-Women.  Join other women at the theatre on a group rate discount to see professional work by women writers, directors, and  designers.  (It’s free!) 
  4. Advocate for Blind Submissions of playwrights’ work.  Most major orchestras conduct blind auditions. Why not choose plays for prizes, grants, even productions, without regard to gender? Spread the word.
  5. If called upon to subscribe to a theatre ask, “How many women will be directing/designing/ writing/performing in plays for you this season?” Tell them you prefer to support theatres that are working toward gender parity. 
  6. Subscribe to New York Theatre Experience Guide to Plays by Women. (It’s free!) ( . Support its pledge to give parity to women in its coverage of theatre work.
  7. Join the DGA Women’s Initiative, New York Coalition of Professional Women in the Arts & Media, the League of Professional Theatre Women’s Advocacy Committee or 50/50 in 2020.       
  8. When you receive a brochure from a theatre company, count the women artists listed. Call the theatre to praise or critique them based on how close they are to parity.
  9. Talk about non-traditional casting (i.e., Judith Ivey as the Stage Manager in Our Town. Kathleen Chalfant as Mrs. Scrooge, Cate Blanchett as Hamlet, Fiona Shaw as Lear and Viola Davis as Gloucester). Talk, blog and use social networks to suggest plays you’d like to see in which a woman plays the lead, or in which women play the majority of the roles.
  10.  Amplify these actions by passing these tips to others.

Download the list Advocacy Committee – Ten Ways to Advocate for Theatre Women!

Anne to Read a New Short Play at Hibernating Rattlesnakes June 14th, 7pm

Hibernating Rattlesnakes: An Evening of Excerpts from and Short Works for Performance at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (236 E 3rd Street between Avenue B/C in NYC) – Monday, June 14th, 7pm. $5 cover charge.

Anne will read her new short play TYRONE’S SLIDE RIDE in one of the city’s coolest new play events.

It’s midnight in DUMBO and Tyrone is minding his own business. When a chance meeting develops the potential to turn violent, will he go along for the ride, or put the pedal to the metal? Take a ride with Tyrone and Hippo (real name withheld) as they bring a whole new meaning to the term “gentrification”. Based on a true incident.

  • Hosted by MC Ephraim Lopez
  • Featuring Dacyl Acevedo, Maria Alexandria Beech, Bernardo Cubria, Ricardo Gamboa, Jason Grote, Anne Hamilton, Lanna Joffrey, Alejandro Morales, Carmen Pelaez & Saviana Stanescu
  • Presented by NoPassport Theater Alliance & Press
  • Visit here for more info
  • $5
  • HIBERNATING RATTLESNAKES: An Evening of Excerpts from and Short Works for Performance with MC Ephraim Lopez. Written and read by Dacyl Acevedo, Maria Alexandria Beech, Bernardo Cubria, Ricardo Gamboa, Jason Grote, Anne Hamilton, Lanna Joffrey, Alejandro Morales, Carmen Pelaez & Saviana Stanescu. NoPassport is an unincorporated Pan-American theatre alliance & press devoted to expressions of diversity and difference in the arts. For enquiries about NoPassport contact NoPassport: Dreaming the Americas.

Anne’s Plays and Poetry Win a Place in TRANSITIONS, Pen and Brush’s Juried Exhibition


Click into the Virtual Exhibit here:

Anne Hamilton’s plays and poetry have been selected for the juried exhibition TRANSITIONS at Pen and Brush, Inc. in NYC. ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT (play), THE STACY PLAY – A LOVE SONG – VOLUME I (play) and GONDOLIER (poem) will appear in the Virtual Event at from June 3rd through August 31st.

The exhibition had its real-time opening at the Pen and Brush studios on June 3rd between 6pm and 9pm at 16 East 10th Street near Washington Square Park in New York City. Anne read SHARON’s first monologue from ANOTHER WHITE SHIRT and STACY’s last monologue from THE STACY PLAY. She also read colleague Leah Kornfeld Friedman’s play I STOOD WITH MY SATCHEL. A previous Pen and Brush award-winner, Leah had a prior engagement and could not attend the opening.

AND THEN I WENT INSIDE starred Kathleen Chalfant at the Cherry Lane Theatre (NYC) in November, 2009. With Kathy’s encouragement, and with her voice in mind, Anne expanded the play into THE STACY PLAY – A LOVE SONG. In March, Anne performed AND THEN I WENT INSIDE (PART II of THE STACY PLAY) in Philadelphia at the Green Light Arts debut event, and read YOU ARE HERE – PART I, with Christopher Gliege as Jonathan, at the Hibernating Rattlesnakes event at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe.

TheatreNow! to feature Nottage, Kauffman, Beech, and Censabella

TheatreNow!, a production of Hamilton Dramaturgy, is a podcast series featuring some of the most exciting women artist working in the theatre today. Anne Hamilton acts as Host and Producer. Linsey Bostwick serves as Editor.

In the near future, TheatreNow! will welcome guests Lynn Nottage (Playwright/Winner, 2009 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, RUINED), ad Anne Kauffman (Director), Maria Alexandria Beech (Playwright) and Laura Maria Censabella (Playwright).

These segments will be taped this summer, and posted as soon as possible.

Please write to with suggestions for future guest theatre artists.